Would you please tell us once again about moderate Muslims?

crew-2231211The Olympics is a time when athletes from the entire world meet and compete for their personal best as well as for their countries.


Leave it to Muslims to use the opportunity to hassle members of the Israeli team, solution offered in the You Tubes below.

Lebanese Olympics Team Wouldn’t Allow Israelis to Board Shared Bus.

When the delegation was ready to board the bus to the Maracana stadium in the Brazilian city, they were physically prevented from doing so by the Lebanese delegation, already aboard, according Israeli sailor Udi Gal.

Each member of the Israeli Olympic Team has been a likely still is a member of the Israeli Defense Force.

kmsticker1As such each has studied Krav Maga.

Perhaps the Israeli’s should not put up with this, and goad the Palestinians into a fight.

This of course will not end well for the Palestinians or any other Arab Olympic Team members  as they would get the crap stomped out of them as demonstrated as below.

So easy and so simple in the 30 second video below.



“The 2016 Olympics – a disgrace!!” wrote Gal in a Facebook post. “(When) Israel’s Olympic delegation got ready to board the bus for the opening ceremony, it turned out the bus was shared with the Lebanese delegation.


Once the members of the Lebanese delegation realized they were (sharing the bus) with the Israeli delegation, they asked the driver to close the door, with their delegation leader heading (the effort).”

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6 Responses to Would you please tell us once again about moderate Muslims?

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  2. JAFC says:

    The only Moderate ones are those who just had an upsetting run-in with an A-10.


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  4. Dave the Differentiator says:

    This action by the Muslims cannot be tolerated by the Olympic Committee.

    These Palestinians need to be retained (detained) and question along with witnesses and victims and if proven true then the Palestinians need to be ejected from the Olympics.


    • JCscuba says:

      A better solution would be to throw them out of the Olympics and seize any medals they may have one. There of course are no moderate Muslims and this of course makes the case.


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