Had Chelsea Clinton been able to tell the truth about her Mom when she introduced her to the D.N.C.

crew-2231211By Jim Campbell

July 29, 2016


She  would not have had to go into the facts, well-known about Hillary being a pathological liar, a lack luster Jr. Senator from N.Y. and the forever tainted Butcher of Benghazi.


367D59E300000578-3703397-image-a-32_1469197075876Her task was a daunting one, she was asked to contrast the introduction given by Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, filled with truths about her father while telling us about her own mother is a teleprompter read charade.

Ivanka’s introduction was comfortably given while Chelsea who has become a beautiful woman in her own right came off stiff.


Had Chelsea Clinton been able to tell the truth about her Mom when she introduced her to the D.N.C. 

***Song and images below written and played by my friend Bob, and guess what, as a union man from Chicago he has always voted democrat.

Chelsea could have easily told us how her parents, involved her in the crime syndicate, NOW called the “Clinton Money Laundering Foundation.”



The video below is certainly worth listening to and watching for at least a couple of minutes.

It demonstrates one thing very clearly.


The Clinton’s have turned their daughter into a pathological liar as well.



To believe for a moment that either Bill or Hillary cared more about what was going on in Chelsea’s daily life than their own is a bridge to far.

Surely, Chelsea was around when Hillary was using expletives, hurling dishes or lamps and treating Secret Service Agents as they were her personal bell hops.

Chelsea proved a couple things with her intro, she’s a good soldier, and ready to take one for the team.

I seriously wonder if she believed a word she spoke last evening?





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11 Responses to Had Chelsea Clinton been able to tell the truth about her Mom when she introduced her to the D.N.C.

  1. Paula says:

    Ya gotta wonder about Chelsea… her parents are, certainly, not normal. My personal take on the elder Clintons… he’s a sociopath and she’s a psychopath..so where does that leave the daughter? So yes, I believe Chelsea believed every word she said about her mother.


    • JCscuba says:

      Both psychological traits are inherited. That’s why she could deliver said introduction. She has already lost her moral compass.


  2. Dave the Differentiator says:

    STOP! Look at who Chelsea married and ask WHY?

    Chelsea is part and parcel to the entire Clinton charade.

    The apple does not fall far from the tree and Chelsea knows full well her mother is a pathological liar and her dad a philandering fool.

    Both parents are smart but some where along the path of life they both lost their Moral Compass.

    I think they both know right from wrong but simply do not care. Both knowingly tell absurd lies so often that you just have to wonder why they still do it given the evidence and absolute proof of their lies.

    Hillary on Benghazi has been a stupid LIAR and Obama joined with her in the lies.

    Hillary on the email server continues to tell stupid lies in the face of overwhelming evidence she is lying. James Comey, Director of the FBI, has so stated before Congress.

    Just how can any rational person expect Chelsea to be anything other than a LIAR?

    Chelsea was raised by two LIARS. Chelsea has seen the lies work. Of course, Chelsea is a LIAR that was her training.

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  3. SAH says:

    BUT, the progressives love Chelsea, they love Broom Hilda, and they love Biliar, and guess what? They just don’t care about lies, ethics, morals or American tradition and history. Their logic isn’t logical at all. They just want free stuff at the expense of the working class in America and their personal safe space outside reality. Prepare yourself for an explosive 2017!


  4. Lorra B. says:

    Not only can we not believe what comes out of her mouth, we can’t even listen to it without intense irritation…COULD SHE HAVE TALKED ANY SLOWER?! I could barely take it and was just about to grab the remote to put me out of my misery when she thankfully stopped talking. Then the Hildabeast walked on stage and the agony started again, well, that is until I saw the PISSED OFF look on Sander’s face when Hillary was addressing him! He is soooooo not happy. Wasn’t surprised when he kicked the Dems to the curb.


    • JCscuba says:

      Well you hit that one out of the park Ms. Lorra, Indeed, I saw the momentary look at Bernie and he was beyond pissed. Did you note Hillary’s choking and clearing her voice. There is something physically wrong with her that the is hiding from everyone. !!!

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      • Lorra B. says:

        IKR!? She also has a hard time walking up stairs, like going up plane stairs SLOWLY then falls and does a face-plant over nothing at all… Sorry, but I did get a sadistic little chuckle over that one! 😳😀 I do have to agree that something is going on with her.


  5. Jeff lear says:

    Chelsea believes that fate has smiled upon her…?! I’d rather be dead broke than have 2 parents who lie, steal, cheat and murder people for money…!!! Fate has done you no favors, girl!!!


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