Obama threatens to veto defense spending bill: NOT THE ENTIRE STORY

crew-2231211The whack job progressive liberals are holding this bill hostage to Obama’s glee because they tried to hide more anti-gun legislation within it behind closed doors, while dancing with each other in the dark.


I’m left to wonder, who got Nancy Pelosi?


The House version of the annual appropriations bill, which the chamber will debate this week, would redirect $16 billion of overseas contingency operations funding to pay for base budget programs.

bullshitIn recommending the veto, the Office of Management and Budget Tuesday said the approach is not only “dangerous,” but “it is also wasteful” because it would buy “excess force structure without the money to sustain it.”

“By gambling with war-fighting funds, the bill risks the safety of our men and women fighting to keep America safe, undercuts stable planning and efficient use of taxpayer dollars, dispirits troops and their families, baffles our allies and emboldens our enemies,” OMB said in a statement.

The administration also criticized the bill for failing to incorporate many “critical” reforms the Pentagon supports that would “divest unneeded force structure, balance growth in military compensation, modernize military health care, and cut wasteful overhead.”

(Sure it did)

The measure also prevents defense funds from being used to plan for another round of base closures that would shutter military installations in states across the country.

The White House also opposes the bill because it continues restrictions on closing the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay by preventing any detainees from being transferred to U.S. soil.

(Yep, bet your house on this one.)





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5 Responses to Obama threatens to veto defense spending bill: NOT THE ENTIRE STORY

  1. JAFC says:

    Many are still in denial that Obama wants to reduce the United States to the status of just another small country.

    He doesn’t believe in First World, Second World, or Third World countries.

    He just believes there are only nations and that they all should be made equal, regardless of consequences.

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  2. Dave the Differentiator says:

    Obama is an enemy of America and needs to be charged with TREASON and tried for his crimes against America.

    Obama has consistently given aid and comfort to the Muslim enemy and needs to be held accountable for this pattern of TREASON!


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  4. gruntt21 says:



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