Burn the American Plantation’: Supporting Trump Can Make You A Target of Violence

crew-2231211The United States Constitution gives these fools the right to protest, but there are restraints. 

Just as one can’t yell fire in a movie theater when there is none, this is where the line must be drawn.

Besides having Secret Service protection, 2016 presidential candidate, Donald. J. Trump has his own private security team.(Source)

All the campaigning, and debates would be for naught if Mr. Trump were in the reach of an assassin’s bullet.

It’s the team put together by Schiller and Trump that will make this  unlikely.(Source)

Keith Schiller, a body-guard for Donald Trump, is a retired NYPD detective.


Donald Trump’s head of security is a former NYPD detective with a penchant for getting physical with the billionaire’s adversaries — including WWE’s Vince McMahon and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos.

Keith Schiller, the Donald’s bodyguard of 16 years, smacked a Latino demonstrator after snatching his “Trump: Make America Racist Again” banner outside a Manhattan news conference Thursday.

The protester, Efrain Galicia, had jumped Schiller from behind, Trump’s campaign told the New York Times.

(Not one of his more brilliant moves.)

Though the campaign threatened to file charges, no one has filed a complaint, the NYPD said.

Trump is scheduled to speak tonight at 7pm in Harrisburg at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center.

anonymousTheir message for Trump supporters is stark, clear and disturbing; you are a target of violence.

Calling the Trump campaign one “direct response to the “George Soros funded,” Black Lives Matter movement, (Source).

Looking closely at the situation, Barack Obama’s presidency, and what they see as an existential threat to white supremacy” the article states in no uncertain terms that: “Support of Donald Trump and by extension these aims is enough to justify oneself as a target of anti-racist violence.”

The Pittsburgh anarchists explain who they are and what their plan was to disrupt a town hall and rally held with Trump and Fox News host Sean Hannity:

Actions against Trump’s Oakland event were called for by various student activist groups on the University of Pittsburgh campus as well as by WHAT’S UP?!, a local anti-racism group.

ANSWER, a front group for the Pittsburgh chapter of Party for Socialism and Liberation, issued a call for a rally and march to Trump’s main campaign event in downtown.

Anarchists and autonomous anti-fascists knew from the very beginning that our goal was full disruption and confrontation with both Trump and his supporters.

We felt that established organizations such as WHAT’S UP?! and ANSWER would both work to disrupt this goal in favor of their own visions of what a successful anti-racist action should look like. We chose to organize our own contingent to maximize our autonomy and control of our actions and desires.

Video of the attacks on Trump supporters below, shows that the groups succeeded in achieving their goals.

Pittsburgh’s WTAE-TV called the clashes “almost riot like.”

The anarchist website explains how it sees the Trump campaign and why it considers any Trump supporter a fair target. We print this last section of the full article unedited so Breitbart readers can see the context of the group’s open call for “collective force.”

As you read this, bear in mind that Pittsburgh is about a two-hour drive from Cleveland, Ohio, the host city of the 2016 Republican National Convention in July.

We see the rise of Donald Trump as a major aspect of the Right’s direct response to the Black Lives Matter movement, Barack Obama’s presidency, and what they see as an existential threat to white supremacy in this country.

This reaction from the right-wing has taken other forms, as we have seen with the armed Bundy Ranch standoff, the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, and the non-fatal shooting of demonstrators during an anti-police violence demonstration in Minneapolis by white nationalists.

blshtAccording to The Atlantic, ( a left-wing rag,) aside from the demographic markers of lower class membership, whiteness, and low education attainment, the main factor tying Trump’s base together is support for authoritarianism and white supremacy.

The main policy points of Trump’s campaign have been rooted in the widespread criminalization, detention, and expulsion of Muslims, Arabs, latin@s, blacks, and other non-whites from the United States.

Support of Donald Trump and by extension these aims is enough to justify oneself as a target of anti-racist violence.

It is our belief that recent events have marked a shift in the political struggle of this country. More and more of the populace has fled mainstream political forces for “outsiders” seen as on the fringe, such as Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

The entire article below.


We see a demarcation developing between the Left and the Right – between those who support corporate control of resources, the expulsion of non-Whites, and increased police militarization for urban pacification, and those who support individual autonomy, collective ownership of resources, and racial and socioeconomic justice. The inherent bilateral structure of the American political party system leaves us with bastardized social and political movements – the “Left” must abandon its Marxist tendencies to fit into a Democratic narrative, while the “Right” must attempt to fit its authoritarian Judeo-Christian white supremacist ideology into the Republican establishment.As we saw inside Trump’s campaign event in Chicago, on the streets of Minneapolis, and in downtown Pittsburgh the other night, militant physical conflict between these two forces – between those who wish to maintain white supremacy, and those who wish to see its abolition, has come into the open and forefront of American political discourse. We see an opportunity here to forcefully attack both the dominant American political structures while at the same time fighting back the far-Right tendencies that we see with Donald Trump’s rise to political fame.

It is our hope that the threat posed by the white supremacist Right, as well as the exploitation of the opportunities that we speak of, can help our movements to more clearly place ourselves in the struggle for liberation. Militant self-defense from authoritarianism can help grant us the individual and collective autonomy necessary for any liberatory revolt to occur. We see this as a time for libertarian anti-capitalists to learn to take seriously the threat posed by the new Right and to take the steps necessary to forcefully fight the structures of white supremacy. This is not a time for the introspection and critical self-reflection of the popular anti-racist praxis, but a time for mutual self-defense and collective force against the American white supremacist system of apartheid.

The time has come to Burn the American Plantation.




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6 Responses to Burn the American Plantation’: Supporting Trump Can Make You A Target of Violence

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  2. GG says:

    Aaaaah yes…. The Soros/Clinton Foundation sponsored $16/hr. mobsters for hire with instructions on how to agitate peace loving Americans to bring about Social Justice.

    Comps the current generation-offsprings of decades long Marxofascist BS’rs, indoctrinated in the liberal controlled public education system, many born into the welfare system, raised by ppl (if at all) who are under the delusion society owes them

    Somewhere in the shadows, I suspect those
    Organizing these protests and orchestrated outbursts of violence, are being paid to do so.

    In a a fantasy world,
    It would be nice to be able to remove
    All the dissatisfied
    Americans (+illegals), and drop-ship
    Them into whatever Communist run country they
    choose, but get them the hell
    Out of America. They don’t like what America stands for then LEAVE!

    Liked by 2 people

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  4. In these times, anything you say or do can make you a target of violence! Even the message on your tee shirt can set off the fragile little sensitive people. I am going to get a tee shirt saying “I AM OFFENDED BY OFFENDED PEOPLE!!”

    Liked by 2 people

  5. bydesign001 says:

    Excellent post, J. C. These paid Communist hell raisers are full of crap, the term of which I use out of respect to the proprietor of this blog.

    Paid agent provocateurs are all that they are assaulting and seeking the destruction of those who do not share their ignorance, hate and ideology.

    Even worse, I have no confidence in the mainstream media reporting these events in an unbiased fashion since they too, are in bed with the dogs running this show.



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