CIA Director a Wimp in terrorist fight? Allen West weighs in on Waterboarding

crew-2231211Imagine how different the United States position in the World would be had Army Lt.Col retired and congressman Allen West been our first black president.


Instead the Black Kenyan was put there in his place.

World leaders our allies and enemies alike would still hold the U.S. in awe.


Allen West gave up his body armor because he promised one of his troops that he would do everything possible to get him back home to see his new baby and wife. (Source)

If Allen West were to draw a line in the sand on any issue the line would not have been erased by the usual bowing and double talk by Obama.

He would make an excellent choice as Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense, look for him to build his resume and one day become our first Black President. 

In either case there would be no more phony Iranian nuke charades.

Our economy would be in far better shape because Col. West loves America and has no desire to destroy it like Obama.

Only necessary cuts in the military would have taken place and certainly not to fulfill a community organizer’s socialist agenda. 

It’s likely there is no one in Washington who understands the threat Islam than Allen West.  He recites the battles of the Crusades without a note card here. (Source)

Allen West joined Neil Cavuto to discuss the most recent statements made by the CIA director on waterboarding.

In a televised Interview, CIA Director, John Brennan said that he would not obey an order from the President of the United States to waterboard anyone.

There are multiple issues with this statement.

One issue is that this is highly hypothetical as the President is solely interested in releasing terrorists, not getting information from them.

The Director will never face this decision.

As far as can be determined, waterboarding may be distasteful or a moral question for the liberal minded, but it is not illegal.

If the security of the nation was at stake, what would be the recourse?

If it is not illegal and the President gave the order, that would constitute a lawful order.

As such, you must obey or resign.

Well, which would it be, Mr. Director?





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