All revolutions are violently opposed by the would-be masters

crew-22312The Fall of the Roman empire didn’t work out that well for Caesar now did it? 


Hitler lost Germany, the Japanese were nuked into surrendering after beginning their war in the Pacific with the bombing of Pearl Harbor.



Since the ages before Christ, no empire has prevailed when it out lived it’s usefulness. (Source)

Today we find ourselves led by a complete fool with seven months on the time clock while the people watch.


Listened to and followed by no one in the entire world.

Renew America

By Sher Zieve

March 14, 2016


trump-lion-hocspococusAny questions that the Trump candidacy and run for President of the United States isn’t a true revolution were dashed by last night’s near-riot in Chicago from the American Left-wing.

However, this left wing also includes the GOP “establishment” which – for years – was called the “Rockefeller Wing of the Republican Party”…the group which was joined at the hip with the Democrats and would come to be known as part and parcel to the New World Order.

The establishment, both Democrat and Republican, is now coming out of the shadows.

This includes all 3 of the other GOP candidates.

Cruz and Rubio are blaming Trump – of course – and Rubio when asked said that he didn’t know if he would now support Trump as the GOP candidate if Trump wins the primaries.

RUBIO said he could not support a Donald Trump Presidency. (Source)

Note…both Rubio and Cruz have direct ties to Goldman-Sachs (the so-called “Bank of the World”.)

Trump is now being blamed for the violence perpetrated by those who want to shut him up.

This is what the beginnings of any and/or all revolutions encounter folks.



On this evening in Jupiter, Florida, Truth was forbidden as anarchists, and left wing Soros paid mobs disrupted Mr. Trumps Rally.

When truth is finally spoken, those who profit from lies strike back at the truth-tellers.

The would be masters of their fellow humans are cowed by the truth and those who speak it…frightened to such an extent that they will do anything to stop them.


Trump’s rallies have always been peaceful, with the exception of the paid agitators and protesters.

The recent near-riot from the Left ( which was started by George Soros) and – likely – collaborating GOP establishment was to show We-the-People what we’re in for if we continue to fight the enslavement they have planned for us.

Those candidates who want have no real intention of rocking the boat and want to continue with business as usual and the decline of our country (think Hillary, Cruz, Rubio and Kasich) speak out against those who want to reestablish free enterprise, prosperity, freedom of expression and the ability to choose one’s own life path are not only vilified but, are to be stopped in any way necessary.

See the entire article below.


When the other 3 candidates support the illegals entering our country (don’t listen to what they say…check what they’ve actually done), letting in those with an ideology of destroying our country from entering it (Islam is the most violent ideology on the planet and was written to be so by it’s “prophet” Muhammad) and shutting down those who would have the audacity to actually cite the ways in which to fix the problems are nothing more than pawns of the global elitists and one-world-government group.

These types must no longer rise to power.

Revolutions are seldom-to-never pretty and we’re experiencing the beginning salvos.

But…they do bring Liberty…something we in the USA have not had in a very long time. It’s the other side that brings thistles for grapes.

“Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?” – Matthew 7:16

George H.W. New World Order speech

Rubio lies about reason for near-riot then indicates he won’t support Trump.


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1 Response to All revolutions are violently opposed by the would-be masters

  1. JAFC says:

    The Republican party is probably going to fall apart the same way that the Whig party fell apart in the late 1850s. Populists versus Elitists


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