Your Smartphone Knows Who You Are and What You’re Doing

crew-22312Is it time to ditch our smart phones and just use burner phones, for short talks and emergencies?


Perhaps we might also consider lauding Apple for creating an O.S. with no back door which recently that seems to provide security in the world of the “Black Hat Hackers.”

It would seem as long as the owner is in possession of the phone, the data would be safe from the ever prying eyes of NSA and the FBI.

chinese-hackers For the governments level of interest in this matter, they would do well to beef up their own security on government computers which are continually being hacked by the Chinese, among others. (Source)

Federal government computers are old and do not have encryption software running on them to protect government secrets.

Isn’t it amazing how the government can single out an entity, in this case Apple, when their own house is not in order?

It’s even simpler when the use OPM ….Other people’s money as in our tax dollars.




The nonsense about Apple not cooperating with the FBI on making information available on the iPhone 5 used by Syed Rizwan Farook, who shot scores of co-workers at a December office event in San Bernardino, California in December, killing 14, is just that.

Apple has unlocked  their version iPhone “many times” in the past. (Source)


  • Modern phones are digital repositories of daily life
  • Intimate data is at heart of Apple-FBI privacy debate


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2 Responses to Your Smartphone Knows Who You Are and What You’re Doing

  1. stevor says:

    not me since I don’t even have ANY cell phone (I’m FREE!)


  2. JAFC says:

    Anybody stupid to use one obviously deserves to suffer the consequences.


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