New FBI Counter Extremism Site Fails to Mention Islamism

crew-22312The delusional people we continue to send to congress are in complete denial about Islam, particularly those on the left.


They refuse to acknowledge the existential threat Islam presents to the U.S. and the entire world. 



Obama can’t use Islam and terrorist in the same sentence.

Obama is nothing more than a puppet to CAIR and Islam.

OBAMA-AND-MUSLIMS-240x300The United States commander-in-chief must not support Islam, yet Obama continues to do so.

The FBI has launched a new website to counter extremism, but it has been stripped of references to Islamist extremism or Islam.

The FBI altered its website ‘Don’t Be a Puppet’ after pressure from the Muslim-Brotherhood-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).


Titled “Don’t be a Puppet,” the site tries to deconstruct some of the motivating factors that lead people into extremism.

It’s aimed for use in high schools or other programs for teenagers.

The website was originally slated to launch in November 2015, but did not, following criticisms from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

At the time, CAIR expressed concerns about a new FBI “countering violent extremism” (CVE) online program that would make teachers an extension of law enforcement and may stigmatize and increase bullying of Muslim students.” (It’s called propaganda.)

Several community organizations told The New York Times they thought the website “focuses almost entirely on Islamic extremism.”

In the clip below: (Mind blower)

Raheel Raza, president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow, this short film is about the acceptance that radical Islam is a bigger problem than most politically correct governments and individuals are ready to admit. Is ISIS, the Islamic State, trying to penetrate the U.S. with the refugee influx?

Are Muslims radicalized on U.S. soil? Are organizations such as CAIR, who purport to represent American Muslims accepting and liberal or radicalized with links to terror organizations?

The site was then put on hold, eventually launching in February 2016.

There is no reason why a site that targets the specific roots of Islamist terrorism and tackles the ideology openly should increase the bullying of Muslim students.

On the contrary, if the site’s explanation properly separates the theocratic totalitarian political ideology of Islamism from the religion of Islam in general, then it should have the opposite impact – calming fears about Muslims by painting an accurate picture about what is going on.

The updated version of the site includes only vague generalities about different types of “violent extremism.” CAIR had lobbied the FBI to change the content of the game, which the agency seems to have done.

The types of extremism listed include:

  • White Supremacy Extremists
  • Environmental Extremists
  • Militia Extremists
  • Religious Extremists
  • Anarchist Extremists

“It’s the FBI’s primary responsibility—working with its many partners—to protect the nation from attacks by violent extremists,” the website’s introduction states.

“One important way to do that is to keep young people—the future of our country—from embracing violent extremist ideologies in the first place.”

“This website is designed to help do just that.

Built by the FBI in consultation with community leaders and other partners, it uses a series of interactive materials to educate teens on the destructive nature of violent extremism and to encourage them to think critically about its messages and goals.”

The FBI, CAIR and Subterfuge.”

These internal documents show officials in the New Haven FBI field office clearly developed, facilitated, co-sponsored and co-hosted the October 2010 conference with the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut.

They did so with full knowledge and tacit approval of participation by CAIR-CT.

To avoid violating FBI policy, the agents and field office managers involved ensured the FBI was not formally named as a sponsor, and sought to “dis-associate” it from an event that likely would not have happened without their efforts. (Source)



The Entire Article below.

Although the website mentions specific terrorist attacks including 9/11 as being carried out by al-Qaeda, it failed to name the specific ideology driving Islamist terrorist attacks worldwide.

Without a clear explanation of the ideology behind Islamist terrorism, the FBI presents the problem as solely one of violence, in sharp contrast to the reality of the many non-violent Islamist groups which are working towards their ambitions of a global Islamist caliphate through political means. Foremost among these is the Muslim Brotherhood, one branch of which is the terrorist organization Hamas.

The Council on American Islamic Relations is facing a possible ban in the U.S. after legislation to ban Muslim Brotherhood entities in America as terrorist organizations passed the House Judiciary Committee. CAIR is listed as one of three US Muslim Brotherhood entities.

A mountain of documentation shows that CAIR’s role in the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee. Two of CAIR’s founders were present at a secret meeting in 1993 that was wiretapped by the FBI where they were instructed to deceive American audiences.

“War is deception,” they said at the meeting.



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5 Responses to New FBI Counter Extremism Site Fails to Mention Islamism

  1. JAFC says:

    Hopefully things may change – probably just a bit – when the current occupant of the White House (which the intellectual Left is already condemning as a fraud and a hoax) leaves the place.

    Fashions in Western politics change as quickly as to styles in pop music, clothes, and hair styles. Even the Europeans have come to realize that those who take their Moslem religion seriously have no intention of ever playing ball with other cultures and lifestyles. They never have and never will.

    The Moslems have overstayed their welcome and their unfortunate hosts have grown wiser over the last decade.

    There is little tolerance left on either side of the ledger. As history has shown us, there must soon be a reckoning. And if history has shown us anything else, there will be blood. Lots of it.


    • JCscuba says:

      You are correct, the Republicans, note Republicans not Democrats have an anti-terrorism task force. I’ve been in touch with them providing mock legislation drawn up by attorneys, to slam the door on any group or organization who’s goal is to overthrow the U.S. Constitution.
      In our boiler plate, Muslims, Sharia, or Jihadists are not mentioned specifically to get around the bed wetters and hand wringers on the left who would try to make it a freedom of religion issue.
      Look no further than the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Look no further than the Qut’an, which tells its brain washed followers how to deal with Infidels which we are proud to be. The world would be a safer place without Shia Muslims. The other 25% of Sunni Muslims tend to avoid terrorism and terrorist activities but fight jihadists to the death in sand land. A good thing for the U.S. tax payer and the entire world..


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  3. Dave the Differentiator says:

    The Quran and Islam actually has very specific demands that all Christians and Jews be killed. ALL NON_BELIEVERS are to be killed.

    The Quran is a most hateful piece of literature.

    Because the WAR of TERROR is actually a war on Islam and Muslims it is time for America to recognize the very real threat of all Muslims.


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