Developing: Polling Data Shows Trump Beating Hillary most everywhere including New York State

crew-22312Hillary Clinton will lose and lose big if she makes it to the general election.


Each demographic has their own reasons for not liking her.  (Source)



Toby leading Hilda down a vary dangerous path. Akin to a cub scout telling a U.S. Navy SEAL he has the SEALS back. 😉

As the reader will note from the source below, Hillary Clinton even took acting lessons from  Steven Spielberg to help her appear more likable. 

Read on, you already can guess how that one would have turned out. 


It’s one thing to be a psychopath, a pathological liar a perjurer and run the Clinton money laundering foundation, it’s even a bigger problem that Hillary has no new plans or ideas how to turn our country around.

A student of Karl Marx, how could she?


She wrote her senior thesis at wrote her college at Wellesley College on Saul Alinsky and later corresponded with him.  alinsky clinton

 Tactical rule #13 in Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is to “pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”
Obama, his staff and followers have learned their lessons well. 
Hillary Clinton would be among his biggest advocates using all of his ploys to accomplish the Clinton end game, “Win at all costs, the end justifies the means.  (Even Murder?)

Why her letters matter? (Source)

Basically because the correspondence between the two prove that Hillary Clinton Clinton has not been honest about her far-left past.

(Wow not that’s a big shock, you mean she was a pathological liar back then as well?)

The lost Alinsky letters also remind us of what we ought to know but have forgotten: Hillary is not “Clintonian.” While Bill and Hillary have worked, schemed, and governed as a couple for decades, Hillary has always been to the left of Bill.

As president, she would govern more like Obama than like her husband.

To add to her negatives, she is so likable, Hillary Clinton enlisted the help of Steven Spielberg in an attempt to maker her seem more likeable, a new book claims.

unlikablebook_smallThe front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination was urged to seek help by her husband Bill Clinton – and he told her: ‘Let’s ask Steven for help,’ according to the book, which is called, “Unlikeable.”

So their friend Spielberg provided acting coaches to help Hillary prepare for speeches.

But the sessions came to an abrupt end after Hillary took her frustrations out on a camera and knocked it off its tripod, according to an excerpt of the book published in the New York Post. (Source)

Hillary. Angry. Hillary. SMASH.

Apparently, she didn’t like the suggestion that she “pretend” to like her audiences.( Why she has pretended and lied her entire political life?)

After all, according to Hillary, she got paid a quarter million to deliver her speeches to salivating audiences across the globe – what advice did she really need professional actors? tumblr_nx9vneHzFe1uk3waco1_1280

She’s clearly fantastic at the art.  (Sure she was, LOL)

GOP front-runner is right – New York state is in play with him as the GOP nominee.


Recent polling data from New York State shows that Donald Trump could defeat tainted liberal Hillary Clinton in the November election.
The New York Post reported, via NewsAlert:

Confidential polling data shows Hillary Clinton could lose the presidential election in heavily Democratic New York to Donald Trump as the GOP front-runner’s support grows to the point of being “surprisingly strong,” The Post has learned.

The poll results, from Democratic and Republican legislative races, have surprised many leading Dems, virtually all of whom have endorsed Clinton, while confounding and energizing GOP leaders, many of whom until recently have been opposed to Trump.

Entire article below.

Most of the polling didn’t address the possibility that former Mayor Michael Bloomberg would run as an independent, but some of it did — and found the former mayor took “significant’’ votes away from Clinton in heavily Democratic New York City and the surrounding suburbs, a source familiar with the data said.

The new polls, a second source said, showed Trump’s support, even without Bloomberg in the race, was “surprisingly strong’’ in Westchester and on Long Island, the key suburbs often viewed as crucial swing bellwethers on how statewide elections will turn out.

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5 Responses to Developing: Polling Data Shows Trump Beating Hillary most everywhere including New York State

  1. Dave the Differentiator says:

    The TRUTH about Hillary Clinton is disgusting and evil.

    Hillary has not ever been honest according to all of the information available.

    Hillary lies even when it does not matter. Looking back at Hillary’s recorded and video taped lies is informative.

    Even after Bill Clinton admitted to his affair with Monica Hillary lied and stated Bill was always faithful to her? WTF?

    There is not one single thing to like about Hillary!

    Hillary’s political record of killing those opposed to her or considered by her to be a threat is scary!

    So, imagine Hillary being elected and in her first Cabinet Meeting she disagrees with one of her Secretary’s opinion. Does he suffer the same consequences as an advisor to Saddam Hussein?

    Hillary’s temper is legendary in Washington DC and Arkansas. Hillary’s contempt of the Military is legendary in Washing DC and Arkansas.

    About the only thing Hillary can do really well is HATE.

    Hillary the Hater!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. JCscuba says:

    You are correct General, Hillary so loathed the military, she did not allow them to wear their uniforms inside the White House. I met a guy through his wife. I went to Washington on business every other week. She said is it O.K. if Wayne joined us? Absolutely, he sown up in a pink golf shirt with a Mickey Mouse logo and blue dockers. I replied, I thought you had duty today, his reply, ” I do, this is my uniform.” This is absolutely the truth. We still keep in touch today. J.C.


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