One of the nations most fierce combat leaders General Erik Kurilla speaks

crew-22312For readers who are unfamiliar with Michael Yon’s works, he’s an author “Danger Close” and ” Moment of Truth” in Iraq, photographer, a Green Beret  and has been an embedded reporter with his dispatches receiving funds from our donations since the beginning of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq..


He was also “Asked”, thrown out of Iraq, when during a fire fight he picked up a weapon and enter the fray. 

yon-in-iraqSMHe returned back to photo journalism there after promising not to enter the fight again. 

His comment when he sent this dispatch today was, “You will like it,”  I promise. 

Michael Yon is a man of his word.

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Erik is the finest combat leader I ever went to combat with. Spent five months with him. Before I got there to the unit in Mosul, Erik had already been knocked out by a car bomb and all sorts of other things, but was still doing missions literally 7 days per week, as the battalion commander.

The enemy hated Erik so much that they put a bounty on him. The enemy hated Deuce Four. I loved them. They were incredibly aggressive and so there was constant contact with the enemy.

Brigadier General, Michael “Erik” Kurilla at the Children of Fallen Patriots 2015 Gala

Brigadier General (Promotable) Michael “Erik” Kurilla received the Patriot Award at Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation’s 7th Annual Greenwich Gala in Riverside, CT on November 14, 2015.

The bounty did not work. Erik and the Deuce Four battalion were killing enemy practically daily, and they themselves took 183 casualties.

image003One day Erik got shot in front of me, hit three times, badly, but he continued to fire at the enemy and give orders. Erik was the last casualty of the battalion.

Erik had just been shot three times. A femur was snapped in two but he kept fighting and giving orders

Before it was over, Bruce Willis wanted to do a movie about Erik and the Deuce Four, and asked me to write a book, but long story short I stayed in the wars.

CSM Robb Prosser shot and fought hand-to-hand the terrorist who shot Erik. Needless to say, Robb won.image005

Today I am honored to have such friends, and to know that such people serve in our military still.




Deuce Four Recon Platoon: Some of the baddest men on the block. They loved to fight. This day they took me to the range in Mosul. The snipers were practicing to fire simultaneously to take out several targets at once.

Entire article below.





You must see Erik’s inspirational speech:



And photos of Erik and the Deuce Four in combat when Erik got shot the second time (hit three times and still fighting):


And comments from the incredible Deuce Four Soldiers who were there:



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