Another disaster averted? German soccer stadium evacuated after bomb plot uncovered

crew-22312My apology for continuing to bring you such horrible news.


I do it as a heads up. 

imagesPlease check with the U.S. State Department’s  National Terrorism Travel advisory service before going anywhere.

Sounding a bit paranoid?  Not as the saying goes if they are out to get you.

This is not the time to get a warm and fuzzy feeling toward flying to a location you may have been planning and getting caught by terrorists.


Go somewhere tropical if you desire to go on an airplane at all. 

The world will not become a safer place until Islam is brought to heel.

What that will take no one at this time can apparently fathom.

Bomb threat evacuates German stadium before soccer game

A German soccer stadium and concert arena were evacuated less than two hours before a friendly match between Germany and the Netherlands Tuesday after police uncovered a “concrete” bomb threat.

It happened just four days after the Paris attacks that targeted a stadium and several restaurants, killing more than 120 people Friday.

“We had concrete evidence that someone wanted to set off an explosive device in the stadium,” Hannover police chief Volker Kluwe told German TV.

Referring to another bomb threat about an hour beforehand that turned out to be a false alarm, Kluwe said, “After the first object turned out to be harmless, we got a tip that had to be taken seriously that an attack was being planned.”

Investigators found a suspicious suitcase inside or near the stadium and a second suspicious device at the city’s central train station, German media and Sky News reported. Police closed off part of the train station.

German police later said no explosives were found, but the game was called off over “indications it would not be safe.”

Germany’s top security official said that providing details about the threats that led him to cancel the soccer match could unsettle Germans and make future such decisions harder.rts7n1a-1-589x442

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere declined to answer questions about the exact nature of the threat and the source of the information during a news conference Tuesday night after the Germany-Netherlands match was canceled.

De Maiziere asked for “trust,” saying “some of these answers would unsettle the population, some of these answers would make our actions in future harder and (…) some of these answers might lead the source of the information not to provide tips to us anymore.”

The German daily Bild newspaper reported authorities had received a warning that an attack using explosives and automatic weapons was planned

The nearby TUI-Arena was evacuated as well, and a planned concert from the German pop band Soehne Mannheims was canceled.

At the same time as the German threat, players and fans of the French and English soccer teams united in a symbol of defiance and respect at Wembley Stadium at a friendly game staged four days after the deadly attacks in Paris.

In a touching pre-game ceremony, supporters from England and France sang the French national anthem, before the squads came together around the center circle to observe a minute’s silence in honor of the 129 people killed.

Wembley Stadium’s iconic arch was lit up in the blue, white, and red of the French flag, while the French motto “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite” was projected on the front of the national stadium.

England won 2-0, but the atmosphere was subdued throughout the game.

“Tonight is more about solidarity than football,” England fan Robert Williams, who was wearing a beret and holding a French flag, told the Associated Press before kickoff. “It is about remembering the people that have lost their lives in such tragic circumstances.”

Prince William, who helped lay floral tributes beside the field, and British Prime Minister David Cameron were among the 71,223 spectators at Wembley, where there was an increased police presence and enhanced security measures that included compulsory bag searches.


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2 Responses to Another disaster averted? German soccer stadium evacuated after bomb plot uncovered

  1. Pamela says:

    Not too long ago, Germany, seeking to replace it’s declining workforce, caused by older generations of Germans retiring or seeking to retire, as well as the dwindling population of natural born, Caucasian German citizens, declared that it would become a haven for an about 1/2 million new arrivals per year, which now includes refugees of this mass emigration from the Middle East.
    If Germany want to be seen as a humanitarian nation during this refugee crisis, then they would do well to re-think their immigration policies and insist that all new refugees not only state their religion, but, insist that they become naturalized citizens of Germany, learn to speak the language and to embrace the culture there.
    No government welfare hand outs without mandatory attendance of job-training programs and German language classes.
    No polygamous marriages.
    Islamic men with child brides will be prosecuted and convicted and put in prison.
    Ditto for anyone caught performing female genital mutilation on little girls.
    Terrorists caught and convicted will receive an automatic death sentence.
    No adherence to any set of laws except the laws of Germany.
    If Germans are afraid of being seen as politically incorrect or being called Nazis, they just better learn to live with the criticism.
    It just might save thousands of innocent lives there.


  2. JCscuba says:

    Germany like most countries in Western Europe is Run by Fools, Merkel is the perfect poster child for ignorance.


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