Mayor DeBlasio Uses NYPD “Sea of Blue” Funeral to Preach Gun Control

crew-22312The people of New York City are so completely ignorant they deserve the Marxist loud mouthed DeBlasio.

debWho brought the dummy?

There could not be a better place for him unless he was drafted by the People’s Republic of California in exchange for Governor “Moonbeam,” and a cast of commies to be named later. 

“We get the government we deserve.16529_10206560047781397_3230508681267791840_n

Lefty’s prove that in most elections.


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For the fourth time in just 11 short months, a sea of Blue gathered to say their final goodbye to yet another NYPD officer.

Officer Randolph Holder was shot dead by a career criminal in East Harlem last week. A five-year veteran of the NYPD, Holder was only 33 years old. The criminal, Tyrone Howard, was out on the streets after being given drug rehab instead of jail time, thanks to a Democrat judge who overlooked Howard’s more than two dozen previous arrests.

On a rainy and windy Wednesday afternoon, an estimated 25,000 of New York’s finest–as well as officers from across the country–gathered outside the Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral in Jamaica, Queens.  They stood at attention while the late NYPD officer Holder was mourned and remembered.

Inside the church, Police Commissioner Bratton posthumously promoted Officer Holder to Detective First Grade, giving him the badge number #9657 – his father’s former badge number.

“Officer Randolph Holder, you are relieved of your duty,” Bratton said. “We are now sending you off to your next assignment as a guardian at the gates of heaven.”

Entire article below.

“The fact of the matter is, it’s always been potentially dangerous. Shooting, robberies and murders are near historic lows but pockets of crime remain in our city, because there are evil people in this world. Most people avoid the evil ones at all costs. As cops we seek them out.”

In addition to the Police Commissioner remarks, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio delivered a eulogy for the fallen officer, the fourth time in just less than a year.

This time, while hailing the officer, Mayor de Blasio used his speech to make a political statement about the need for federal gun control.

“We have changes to make so we don’t lose more good men and women like Officer Holder,” de Blasio said. “In our nation, changes must be made to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. In Holder’s name, we will not give up.”

Reverend Al Sharpton was supposed to be in attendance at the funeral, as well as give a eulogy during the ceremony but he declined to attend saying he wanted to “avoid a sideshow.” Holder’s fiancé Mary Muhammad commented on Sharpton’s supposed appearance, stating her fiancée detested the “anti-cop” preacher.

“[Randolph] didn’t like Sharpton. He wasn’t a fan, so I don’t know why Sharpton is speaking,” Muhammad said.   Sharpton claims Holder’s father asked for his presence at the funeral but will instead give $5,000 towards the funeral service.

Detective Holder will be buried in his native country Guyana. God-speed courageous Peacekeeper, you will never be forgotten.


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5 Responses to Mayor DeBlasio Uses NYPD “Sea of Blue” Funeral to Preach Gun Control

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  2. Pamela says:

    “Keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.”
    This is the mantra of the political Left.
    This statement not only sounds like a broken record skipping and repeating itself, but, is proof that the Left is clueless about how to keep criminals from obtaining guns, especially in big cities run by liberal Democratic mayors, one exception being the late, great, Frank Rizzo of Philadelphia, who later switched his party affiliation to Republican in 1986.
    Mayor Rizzo was considered a controversial figure, especially during his tenure as Police Commissioner in the City of Brotherly Love. There was definitely no love loss between him and the black community, yet, under his authority, both as police commissioner and later as mayor, crime was kept to a minimum in the mean streets of Philadelphia. He once said of anti-police demonstrators, “When I’m finished with them, I’ll make Attila the Hun look like a fag.”
    But as allegedly brash as he is reported to have been, I remember the story about Frank Rizzo when he was a city police officer walking a beat and how he met up with two sailors on holiday Christmas leave from their ship looking for a place to eat and spend the night in the unfamiliar city. Officer Rizzo invited the two young men to his home for a good Italian meal and warm beds to sleep in that night.
    I do not think Philly has ever had a better mayor than Frank Rizzo.


  3. JCscuba says:

    Wow are we on the same wave length, I just wrote this but haven’t posted it,


  4. Dave the Differentiator says:

    Hey, these two terms are mutually exclusive – criminals do not obey the law. A career criminal shot this policeman. Citizens are not criminals. Actually, once a person becomes what can be described as a “career criminal” this person has numerous criminal convictions and is no longer a citizen as we think of this term.

    We, the People, have the right to keep and bear arms and should be trained to defend ourselves because the criminal element is becoming more aggressive.

    The right answer is when ever a “career criminal” brandishes a gun other well armed citizens should shoot the SOB!

    Hopefully, the “career criminal” who shot this policemen was shot and killed at the scene.


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