Hillary Clinton asked about scandals: HER audience gasps in horror


Speaking before a partisan audience that couldn’t handle having her corpulent bottom held to the fire, they were completely shocked. 

Unless they too are among the functional brain dead who can still vote while standing upright above ground, like Hillary they are frauds as well.


Hillary-Clinton-Chip-SomodevillaGetty-Images-640x480Who me? I’m bulletproof..time will tell


A bright young man in New Hampshire had the audacity to ask Hillary a question about her past scandals. The crowd gasps. Wouldn’t it have been great if one of the moderators could have inquired into her scandal plagued past as well? First the clip then some old-time news.

Earlier I posted: Hillary Clinton, the FBI, and Travelgate – a lesson about her moral fiber, and Hillary Clinton fired from Watergate Commission for ‘lying, unethical behavior’ just in case you missed these posts.

John Fund exposed the notable moments from Hillary Clinton’s life that will be left out of NBC’s upcoming miniseries about her life — such as Travelgate, her cattle-futures controversy​, and Whitewater — which begins after the Lewinsky scandal.

Read more on his take in his piece, “Get Ready for the All-Hail-Hillary Movies.






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4 Responses to Hillary Clinton asked about scandals: HER audience gasps in horror

  1. Pamela says:

    Out of that entire crowd, only that young man had the guts to stand up and question the Lucretia Borgia of US politics!
    The crowd was “so shocked”! Why?
    “It’s all right wing propaganda,” says Hillary.
    Remember Billy Dale.

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  2. Dave the Differentiator says:

    Hillary Clinton believes that if she claims innocence often enough everyone will believe her.

    Hey Hillary, too many criminal acts to even list. Your Rose Law Firm history is tragic. Vince Foster being killed to protect you. The missing files even back then.

    NOW, the emails go missing. BUT, because you were a government employee you must either produce the emails or be convicted of concealing or destroying the emails – either way a criminal act.

    Obstruction of Justice is a criminal act.

    Your testimony is not factual but just another lie.

    Indict Hillary – NOW!

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