Can we agree this “supposed” leader of the free world is pure weasel ?

crew-22312By Jim Campbell



H/T  Lady Raven for the video

October 14, 2015

Steve Kroft seemed to have started of strongly, but in the end he folded up like a paper bag ensuring his position on the program for years to come.


Obama answered no tough questions, and when they were asked Kroft failed to follow-up with a counter punch.

When Obama had the unmitigated gall to claim if he ran again he would certainly win.

Really, what is Obama basing this on, all the jobs he has created, becoming the biggest food stamp president in history, his job killing health care denial and rationing program with death panels.

If the Muslim Obama had any intention showing the world he had any leadership he would do the following: (For openers)

Yep, just what Dr. J. ordered.


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4 Responses to Can we agree this “supposed” leader of the free world is pure weasel ?

  1. Pamela says:

    Five years ago when the so-called, “Arab Spring” erupted across North Africa and the Middle East, the so-called “insurgents” a.k.a. the Muslim Brotherhood, were successfully and rapidly toppling the governments of Tunisia, Egypt, and finally Libya, where they allegedly murdered the wily old desert jackal Qaddafi, the proverbial “man who knew too much” especially his insider knowledge that the Obama Administration was aiding the so-called, “insurgents” overthrowing his and other long-standing governments in the region. This I strongly believe, was also the same reason why our ambassador and three others were left to their horrible fate in Benghazi in September, 2012.
    The US gun-running scheme arming more so-called, “insurgents” or “rebel forces” inside Iraq hit a quagmire when they invaded Syria via the newly established ISIS or Islamic State. What Obama and Hillary and the rest involved in this international gun running scandal failed to see is the powerful Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance already in force over that land and although ISIS invaded there, the forces loyal to Bashir Assad are not only backed by the military forces of Russia and Iran, but, are not going to back down without one hell of a fight.
    In my own summary of the situation the goal of all these different groups fighting for superiority in the region is to gain control over the oil in the Middle East, or, what the Bible calls, “the wine of Babylon”.
    Revelation 18:3 declares, “For all nations have drunk the wine of her (Babylon) passionate unchastity, and the rulers and leaders of the earth have joined with her in committing fornication (idolatry) and the businessmen of the earth have become rich with the wealth of her excessive luxury and wantonness.”
    Indeed, the so-called, “businessmen of the earth” have become drunk with the wine of Babylon and continue to inebriate themselves while deliberately ignoring the horrific atrocities committed against thousands of innocent human beings in the region by ISIS.
    And who or what is really behind the creation of ISIS? This evil gang of Islamic thugs seems to have materialized overnight. They could also be wiped out practically overnight if America and the other western allies came together and went after them. But no one is going after them. Why? Could it be that ISIS was also created by some government entity to guard the oil fields from the opposing forces of the Russia-Syria-Iranian alliance? Could one of the perks for their services be an extended “open season” to hunt down and rape, mutilate and murder Christians, Yazidis, and other Muslim groups opposed to their satanic debauchery?


  2. Susan Kraft says:

    An insult to weasels who are related to ferrets! I have owned ferrets and they are fun intelligent animals. The same cannot be said for the President.


  3. worm, maybe? cobra?? rattlesnake? creepy-crawly venomous spider?

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