Do Christian Schools have a right to be Christian? Is The LGBT community pushing it’s agenda?

crew-22312Religious extremism in any form is a dangerous thing.


We aren’t talking about Islam here, whose adherents would cut off the heads you the young girls lesbian mothers, its Christianity for God’s sake and why should the young girl be punished for the life style choice of her mothers.

Don’t confuse me for going all liberal here, I’m just not buying what the zealots at the Christian School, albeit a private one are selling.

Remember as Christians we don’t judge the final judgement comes from God and these people could not be more hypocritical.
BY Sharelle M. Burt
 September 30, 2015

A private school dismissed a kindergartener from school because she has two mothers.


A 5-year-old girl was kicked out of her Christian school in California after administrators learned she had two mothers, the family said.

The parents, Sheena and Lashaune — who did not disclose their daughter’s name — said they were called to Mt. Erie Christian Academy in San Diego shortly before the Labor Day holiday.

They were quickly told that their daughter would no longer be allowed to attend the preschool and summer camp programs at the religious school.

“I didn’t finish the conversation with them when they took us in the room because I just, I didn’t want to look at them any longer,” Sheena told KGTV.

“It was heartbreaking.”

A man claiming to be the school’s principal told the Daily News that “the young lady was dismissed due to review of her application.”

The school’s parent and student handbook, obtained by KGTV, reads that the school has the right to refuse admission of applicants or discontinue the enrollment of students.

“This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, living in, condoning or supporting sexual immorality; practicing homosexual lifestyle or alternative gender identity; promoting such practices; or otherwise having the inability to support the moral principles of the school,” the handbook continued, according to the news station.

Also, under the First Amendment, the academy has right to bar membership based on religious beliefs, because it is a private institution.

The school’s Facebook page has been overflowing with comments in support of the administration’s decision and those who oppose.

The parents said they still plan to file a civil rights lawsuit against the school.

“I want my baby to be safe when she grows up,” Sheena told the news station.

“I don’t want her to ever have to be discriminated against because of her lifestyle,” Sheena told the news station.”



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6 Responses to Do Christian Schools have a right to be Christian? Is The LGBT community pushing it’s agenda?

  1. Sheena, it is not HER choice of lifestyle, it is YOURS! When you take a stand, you have to be ready for the consequences.


  2. JCscuba says:

    So you have put yourself up with God as the arbiter of judgement. Shame on you Granny, drop and give me a hundred then go stand in the corner.

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  3. I have been in the corner my entire life. Nothing new! My poor mother was poorly equipped to handle a child like me! TEE HEE!!


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