You call that “Vetting”?

crew-22312Oh Lori you could not have done a better job.

lori-flag-con-1kYou might also recognise Lori, as she is the principal and founder of PolitiChicks

You may be aware I wrote for Newt before he dropped out and I’m currently writing for Carly Fiorina.


I like Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina at this time.

Vetting?  More vetting?  Donald Trump is doing one heck of a job.


I’ve always love how Newt take the media and shoves their inane questions down their throats.

Newt’s wife was not dying from cancer, she had uterine fibroids which were not malignant. 



Vetting? Oh really?

Vetting candidates properly and honestly is important for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, said obvious reasons are often set aside in favor of petty agendas.

Those agendas include reporters and opinion leaders who are out to make a name for themselves, have an ideological or emotional ax to grind, or  have convinced themselves that they are so smart, that they see their job as trying to pick the Republican nominee for us.

What is often left unspoken is the pervasive media bias of all, the spinning of anything and everything possible to create hype and conflict. Newt Gingrich understands this. This is how he handled such nonsense:

What is rarely talked about is the most effective media bias of all – “controversialization.”

When creating personal animus, hype, conflict and gossip are taken to such an extreme it accomplishes the goals of those with the petty agendas listed above.

Controversialization is not just good for ratings, helps reporters make a name for themselves and the rest of it, but as a weapon of political bias it has no equal.

When one is asked about every comment someone accuses them of making years ago, every woman (or man) one has been with, asked to answer about every talking head or some other person who said this or that about you, and every piece of gossip that appears on page six, it effectively prevents one from getting their message out.

It also instills an attitude in low information voters that said person has no substance and is just “too scandalized” to be “electable.”

What was done to Sarah Palin is perhaps the greatest example of controversialization in modern times. The media obsessed with rumors that Sarah Palin’s fifth child was not actually hers, but rather her daughter’s in a secret pregnancy.

Dozens of false accusations such as that Palin tried to ban books, the Palin’s are getting divorced, she snorted cocaine, and had sex with NBA stars.  All false.

There are scores of made up quotes such as Sarah Palin saying that she could see Russia from her house.

The New York Times invented quotes and falsely attributed them to Sarah Palin’s friends and associates.

As a mom myself, I will never forget the dozens of hit pieces, as well as Democrat Party elites, saying that Palin should just stay at home and take care of her kids.

Of course when Geraldine Ferraao ran for Vice-President she had young children, but the elite media heaped on the praise, after all she is a Democrat.

Sarah Palin's legs
Sarah Palin’s legs

Who can forget this picture of Sarah Palin which went viral in the elite media.

Sarah Palin is far from the only person to be targeted for controversialization.

John McCain, who has a long political history to legitimately critique, was, on the day after he secured victory in the Republican Primary, accused of having an affair with Vicky Iseman, a lobbyist.

After the election and the damage was done and shortly before Iseman’s defamation lawsuit was to go to trial, the New York Times agreed to publish that “The Times did not intend to conclude, that Ms. Iseman had engaged in a romantic affair with Senator McCain or an unethical relationship on behalf of her clients in breach of the public trust.”

The New York Times told the court that since Vicky Iseman was a lobbyist she was a public figure and thus “fair game.”

When controversializaation happens, you know just who it is the establishment fears:

Controversialization, as described by veteran reporter Sharyl Attkisson, is deliberately orchestrated.

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