A good look at a massive airdrop by a C-17 Globemaster Aircraft flying a combat support mission over Afghanistan

crew-22312The footage below, is short and well worth the readers time if they would like to see how our troops are resupplied in Afghanistan and earlier in Iraq.

Question to Obama: 

Since the U.S. military possesses this capability and the Taliban and ISIS do not, why are U.S. forces not able to crush their movements and kill them.

My guess, they have more skilled people whom they call their commander-in-chief. 




Then enemy understands the axiom, “Don’t send a boy to do a man’s job………..Foolish us we sent the boy.

Various cameras were used to film this airdrop.

The amount of gear that this aircraft can drop in a very short time period is simply incredible.



If you’re in a C-17 during an airdrop it’s a good idea to satay clear of the cargo as it exits the aircraft least you take a ride you don’t want to go.

If you want to see what it looks like when a C-17 drops four Humvees and Fifty paratroopers then watch this



The air drop is a form of airlift that saw its birth during World War II to supply the troops, otherwise inaccessible, that could have been airborne forces themselves.
During the first drops, they threw or pushed packets from quilted aéronefs1.

Later it was dropping small crates with parachutes through the side doors of the aircraft. The arrival of large doors at the rear can be lowered in flight crews allowed to deploy large pallets.

With larger aircraft, the US military devised the low-height extraction technique, making possible the delivery of tanks and other equipment of large size.

The dropping of weapons reached a point where a huge bomb was the payload.

The BLU-82, nicknamed Daisy Cutter (daisies Mower French), served in Vietnam and recently in Afghanistan.

The bomb GBU-43 / B, with a weight of 10 250 kg, was deployed to the Persian Gulf for the Liberation of Iraq. These weapons are carried by cargo aircraft, acting as bombers.

In psychological operations, air drops are used to launch propaganda leaflets.

In addition to combat operations, UN and humanitarian had been dropping food or medical supplies, recently in South Sudan



The End


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  1. JCscuba says:

    iMPRESSIVE, NO still asking and not answered, with all our tech and the enemy has nothing in comparison, is it the spook in the oval office preventing us from declaring mission accomplished?

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