The long goodbye

crew-22312Apparently being oblivious to almost everything, being unaware of a person’s comfort zone can now be added to the list.


My natural reaction had I been in the picture below would have been to push her back removing her fetid claw from my shoulder.

It’s highly unlikely she would have got that up and personal, that’s what stun guns are for. 



Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton greets Des Moines businessman Bill Knapp, right, during a visit to the Iowa State Fair, Saturday, Aug. 15, 2015, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

 The Washington Times

Which Democrat will be the one to play Barry Goldwater to the Richard M. Nixon of Hillary Clinton? Who will step up to tell the self-wounded one-time colossus that the time has arrived to go home?

(Two big problems: The Democrats have nobody of that stature in their Party and while Nixon was likely paranoid and loved his country, Hillary has far more mental problems and clearly only cares about the further destruction of our country.)

On August 7, 1974, Goldwater and the Republican leaders of the House and the Senate called on the president and told him he had lost the support of his party in Congress.

The next day, Nixon told the country that he would be leaving his office, and the day after that, he resigned.

Coming on top of the pay-to-play scandals surrounding the Clinton Foundation and the embarrassing, extravagant sums she demands for her speeches, the criminal investigation into the scrubbed secret server maintained and surrendered by the former first lady may make her a burden too great for her party to carry.

In a recent poll of registered voters, 58 percent say Hillary lied about the emails and 54 percent believe that she weakened the country’s security. Since the main task of the president is securing the country, this doesn’t bode well.

But worse than the cost of what already happened is the prospect of what still may come. “Until a month ago, one of the arguments I frequently heard … was that that she’d been vetted like nobody’s ever been vetted,” wrote Frank Bruni in March.

“All the skeletons had been tugged from the Clintons’ labyrinthine closets. All the mud had been dug up and flung.”

Then came “Clinton Cash” and the conflicts of interest, and when that had sunk in, the unsecured server.

Who can swear there’s not even more fresh new mud where that came from, ready to start fresh new media frenzies? With the server now in the hands of the government, there’s the continuing prospect of fresh new developments from now through November of 2016.

News could break during the primaries, after the primaries, during the conventions or shortly before the opening of the polls. Can one run a campaign while under indictment? We may be about to get an answer.

Entire article below.

“Dems will put up with a scoundrel, but not a loser,” the editors of this paper wrote earlier this year. They cited the undying support of Bill Clinton, who, to be fair, while he was in office never did anything like this. But the problem is that Hillary is becoming a loser because she’s a scoundrel, as her lies and the continued exposure of them seem to come more and more to the fore.

Her ratings took a predictable dip in 2013 when she left her old role as diplomat for the tumult of politics. Another dip came in 2014 when her book launch fizzled and she claimed to have been “dead broke” after the White House. But the holes in the hull were punched by the Clinton Foundation and then the emails, which made her approval ratings slide underwater and saw her fall behind many GOP rivals in many important swing states.

The Clintons survived the scandals and wars of the ’90s because in the ’90s there was a lot less cable TV and Internet and no Twitter or social media. In the ’90s, they controlled the White House and party and now they do not. In the ’90s, they were in office, not merely seeking it; and Bill was a skilled and adroit politician, which Hillary is not.

For all of these reasons the time may soon come when their party will find that it cannot afford the Clintons. And some solon with indisputable party credentials will take that long walk to their door.


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  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  2. Maybe she HAD better do the Tammy Wynette thing- – stay home and bake cookies for HER MAN! HAHAHAHAAAA!


  3. Pamela says:

    Well, as the old saying goes, “All things (whether good or bad) must come to an end.”


  4. Dave the Differentator says:




  5. Dave the Differentator says:

    The time has already arrived for Hillary to get out of town!

    The email server was a crime and there is no doubt Hillary is guilty.

    The only remaining question is when Hillary will be formerly charged with the crimes she committed.


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