Yes We Can…Deport All Illegal Aliens!

By Flat Out Unconstitutional



The left has done a wonderful job of making it taboo to talk about deporting illegal aliens. 

How many years now have people been screaming, “Build the fence first?”

99768-Illegal-Immigration-by-Rick-McKeeWe have been subconsciously convinced that the only way to make progress on stopping illegal immigration is to make a stand for securing the border first to stop the influx invaders before we address the ones who are already here.

 I don’t want a fence built.  I want a great wall built with a No-Mans Land filled with land mines, gun turrets every 400 yards, and in ground motion detectors. 

I want it built right now, but it doesn’t have to be first.  We can tackle the rest of the immigration problem at the same time.

We spend billions and billions (Carl Sagan voice) on illegal immigrants every year. 

In 2013 alone, the city of Los Angeles spent 1.6 billion on various entitlement programs for illegal aliens as well as, schooling, medical care and increased law enforcement. 

What does America get out of it?  More future Democrat voters.The-Path-To-Citizenship

Crime, poverty, low unemployment due to cheap labor, and a loss of our American identity.

If we diverted all of the money that we spend on illegal immigrants into stopping illegal immigrants the problem would be quickly and easily solved.  Masons would be laying bricks for the great wall tomorrow. 

Every illegal child should immediately be kicked out of every American school. 

Hospitals should refuse any treatment that any illegal doesn’t pay for up front, out of pocket. 

Every illegal that is arrested for any minor crimes should be deported immediately.

Entire article below.

If they are arrested for high crimes or violent crimes, they should be imprisoned, serve out their entire sentence and then be deported.

Once we deport an illegal alien they should be disqualified for having an entry visa into the United States for life.

Much of the tax payer money that is currently being spent to give illegal invaders a comfortable American lifestyle, should be diverted to bounties.

Bounty hunters have to operate under strict guidelines, so the excuses that bounty hunters would go rogue and start shooting everyone are without merit.

Bounty hunters have been a major contributor to law enforcement for our entire history and they currently serve a valuable purpose and do so with honor.

We should take a page from Obama’s handbook.  Obama targeted children.

He bused in 10’s of thousands of illegal, measle ridden children and spread them all over the country.

Of course this laid the groundwork for bringing the parents into the country next.

We blamed the measles on Disney Land.

Now Obama could look humanitarian by bringing the parents to America and reuniting the families.

We’re supposed to forget that he’s the one who split them up in the first place.

I think it would only be consistent with this new found tradition of transporting children first if we doubled the price of bounties on children.  Create an incentive to deport them first.

If we kicked them out of our schools it would be important for them to return home quickly anyway, so they could get back into a class room!  Many of the parents would immediately self deport to go after their children.

I’m sure it will be said that sending so many kids to their home countries all at once will cause massive logistical and financial problems for the governments of those countries.  So what?  Who cares?

No one seemed to care when the problems were dumped on us.  It isn’t our problem.  Get rid of it.  The parents will follow.  If they don’t, the bounty hunters will eventually get them.  It will all work itself out.  They would be going right back where they came from.

Hiring an illegal alien should carry with it the penalty of jail time.  No fines, just jail time.  Renting a home to illegal aliens should also result in jail time.  Admitting illegal aliens into any college or private school should result in jail time. Once a few CEOs and college deans end up behind bars, the message will be clear that we mean business.
As if illegal aliens coming crossing the Rio Grand weren’t bad enough, now the Obama administration is importing muslim refugees by the 100s of thousands and placing them all over the country.  The U.S. Department of State is paying dozens of volunteer organizations billion and billions of dollars to manage the refugee relocation programs.  The cities and towns they end up in aren’t getting paid anything, but are bearing the sudden burden on their resources.  Most of the places these jihadis are being sent to are small towns that don’t have massive public housing projects to put them into.  They don’t have the utility infrastructures to accommodate the sudden increase in population and they don’t have schools equipped to take in thousands of non-English speaking, 3rd world kids.  Their hospitals and clinics certainly aren’t equipped or trained to handle the exotic diseases they carry.

It goes without saying that these muslim refugees have started demanding sharia law all over the country, but that is another topic altogether.

The left isn’t simply allowing our beautiful country to be destroyed by an invasion of illegal aliens and muslim refugees, they are causing it.  Congress could put a stop to all of this if they cared.  They don’t.  Democrats want more voters and crony capitalist RINO Republicans want cheap labor.  Obama wants more muslim jihadis.  Congress has been allowing Obama to get away with illegally granting amnesty by executive order.  The words executive order do not appear in the Constitution and is not an executive power.  An executive order is legally nothing more than an order a president can give within his own chain of command.  Executive orders can not legally order anyone who is not in the executive branch of federal government to do anything.  The president is not a king.

By all means, let’s build a massive wall, especially on our southern border.  Let’s start building it as soon as possible.  Don’t allow liberals to continue fooling us with the false premise that we can’t multitask.  We can deport, deport, deport.  States can take it upon themselves to do it too.  They don’t need the federal government.  In fact, Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution allows states to go to war against invasion when the federal government does nothing about it.  There are a lot of easy solutions to this problem.  All we need are backbones.



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11 Responses to Yes We Can…Deport All Illegal Aliens!

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  2. Lorra B. says:

    We can and we SHOULD be… Do it legally or BE KICKED OUT! Won’t happen though…


  3. Dave the Differentator says:

    Obama has enlarged all of America’s problems by Executive Order.

    Just exactly what is wrong with the U. S. Constitution?

    Constitutional Law is the law of the land in America.

    SO, it is very reasonable to ask all in America to follow the law. The Muslims and Illegal Immigrants simply need to follow the LAW.

    How can anyone find fault with the law?


  4. JCscuba says:

    Normal people wouldn’t Obama is an asshole Muslim with an agenda of destroying America. It’s really that simple. He has done his best to destroy the U.S. Economically as well as cutting back the military to pre-WWI and WW2 levels. Al this setting the tables for his Muslim brothers. Obama want’s to die a martyr. Letting, their will be no burial at Arlington National Cemetery just a burial at sea alongside Osama


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  6. DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS!! NO AMNESTY EVER!! The places where the FENCE has been built report that it WORKS!!


    • JCscuba says:

      If we were serious, we would place claymore mines on the borders and blow the shit out of the, worked in Vietnam.


      • Stealth General says:

        Geez Jim, you are so inhumane! Mines? No, lasers are so much better and burn just a tiny little hole through their heads – so their mamas will recognize their bodies.


  7. JCscuba says:

    Seriously I’ve often thought of how I sound like a Nazi with my ideas, perhaps Hitler should have gone after the rug riders instead of being allied with them during WW II. Perhaps you have missed I’ve repeatedly suggested not using nukes but conventional weapons along with napalm to get the job done.


  8. Missy Thomas says:

    im not about to start speaking spanish like they want us too ,,,,kick them all out


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