DNC Chair STILL Doesn’t Know The Difference Between ‘Democrats’ And ‘Socialists’

crew-22312Debbie Wasserman Schultz is such a complete embarrassment to progressive democrats she would make members of the Congressional Black Caucus not seem like such fools.

She serves as they do that uneducated voters will elect anyone as long as they promise them food stamps, welfare and keep them beholding to Uncle Sam’s Plantation as indentured servants. 


The Daily Caller

Christian Datoc

September, 3, 2014



DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was stumped by Chris Matthews over the difference between Democrats and Socialists last week, and Sunday, the representative revealed she still doesn’t know the difference, despite essentially being fed the answer by NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press.”


TODD: Given that Bernie Sanders is an unabashed socialist — believes in Social-Democratic governments… like the ones in Europe — what is the difference? Can you explain the difference?

Of course Debbie goes through a diatribe of complete  lies unchallenged by Todd  the softball pitcher who is also an embarrassment to all 15 of their viewers.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: You know, Chuck, it’s always fun to be interviewed by Chris Matthews, and I know that he enjoys that banter.


The important distinction that we’re going to be discussing, that I’m confident we’ll be discussing, is the difference between Democrats and Republicans.







About JCscuba

I am firmly devoted to bringing you the truth and the stories that the mainstream media ignores. Together we can restore our constitutional republic to what the founding fathers envisioned and fight back against the progressive movement. Obama nearly destroyed our country economically, militarily coupled with his racism he set us further on the march to becoming a Socialist State. Now it's up to President Trump to restore America to prominence. Republicans who refuse to go along with most of his agenda RINOs must be forced to walk the plank, they are RINOs and little else.
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11 Responses to DNC Chair STILL Doesn’t Know The Difference Between ‘Democrats’ And ‘Socialists’

  1. Stealth General says:

    What a bimbo! But then there you are when “trying” to have a discussion with a progressive liberal – they never answer the question asked, they are highly opinionated and have no idea what facts are. Yet the lemmings love them!


    • jcscuba says:

      General, she know the facts, and is the right pit bull for the DNC to put up and bark like a rabid dog. If not she would have been removed long ago.


  2. I too would have difficulty articulating the difference between a socialist and a Democrat… or a socialist and a Progressive… or a socialist and a Liberal. They all seem the same to me.


    • jcscuba says:

      Don’t agree, if you are thinking of our mom and dad’s democrats, granted they tend to vote the same way. She looked to me like a deer caught in the headlights, refusing to consider the question then went on to lie about the republican agenda. Doing away with medicare? Growing America as if that were a bad deal. No, I’ve followed this slut for far to long. Thanks for your comment. J.C.


      • I’m not sure what you’re saying. I’m speaking of the current Democrat party… everything thing they are in favor of is socialism. Bernie Sanders may be the only honorable Democrat… he admits to being a socialist. Obama is a socialist. Hillary is a socialist. Elizabeth Warren is a socialist. Even Chris Matthews can’t tell you the difference, as he admits in the clip.

        So tell me Jim, what is the difference between a socialist and a Democrat?


  3. They are EXACTLY the same! Read the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO!


  4. jcscuba says:

    a person who believes in socialism

    Socialist : a member of a political party that supports socialism

    The definition of a democrat is a member of the Democratic political party or someone who believes in equality for all people and ruling by the majority.

    An example of democrat is President Barack Obama.

    Obama and Hillary are not democrats, they are Marxists.
    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”

    Both are for wiping out the middle class and having the elite and the proloteriate whom they would determine who needs what.

    Both Obama and Hillary would offer Shared Misery. Example is Obama Care Fair?


  5. Dave the Differentator says:

    Democrats want free stuff and do not want to work.

    The Democrats limited all peoples rights to make their health care decisions with the ObamaCare Act.

    This lady is an ignorant fool who simply cannot make any distinctions between important issues.

    Donald Trump has a very focused position and is calling the shots at this time.


  6. madmemere says:

    Possibly, the “washer-womanslut” doesn’t know her right hand, from her left, nor how to comb/tame the fuzzy floor mop she wears on her skull.


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