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Al Qaeda’s branch in Syria says it captured US-backed rebels

Let’s hear it again for our feckless commander-in-chief. His continued dithering and lack of any cogent plans to deal with al Qaeda continues to play into the hands of our allies in the region. The Long War Journal By Thomas … Continue reading

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Hillary In Free Fall

It’s a safe bet that few if anyone on the earth know the Clinton’s better than Dick Morris.   Morris was their adviser when the “Both” ran for their two terms. They could have done far better than turning Dick … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton’s camp fears a new ‘bimbo eruption’ will put the kibosh on candidacy

At the risk of sounding like a tabloid writer, let me say this about that.   The Clinton’s raised the concern due to the recently published article below.   It is what it is and it was what it was. … Continue reading

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Doctor Says Hillary Clinton Is ‘Fit to Serve’ : Just Another Clinton Lie?

Come on Hillary enough of your lies.   A quick search of your alleged physician treating you since 2001 reveals the near impossibility of that being the case. Dr. Lisa Bardack, would have not been old enough to treat Mrs … Continue reading

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Obama Pleads for Supporters to ‘Get Active’ in Backing Iran Deal

Plead all you want sparky, it’s not going to happen.   You may have screwed us with your heath care plan, soon to be demolished and replaced. Even the likes of Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein to of your bigger … Continue reading

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Inspirational Photographs Of Wounded War Heroes

What a great concept by the photo journalist coming up with this concept.   Seeing Veterans in a whole new light.   The warriors may not be seen like this any more, but their images will help them as well … Continue reading

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Ode to Hillary: Priceless

The great part of all this is that it’s true at least in her delusional mind. 🙂   The beauty of Hillary Clinton if there is any at all, is that we need not look back on her past scandals … Continue reading

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Obama hides nuke deal documents from public

Be still my heart, Obama is trying to hide another of his unconstitutional executives and executive orders around congress again.   How can that possibly be?   Perhaps he understands the Iranians are laughing at him because they got everything … Continue reading

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Religious Tolerance

By Jim Campbell   America the only religiously open nation because it was a Christian one.   We allow other religions to worship as they see fit.     This of course can’t be said about “The Charmers,” who have … Continue reading

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Even Budweiser can’t touch this one

Well Done Guinness !!       H/T to my girl friend for life, Sheila Sue! I was absolutely gone for this girl since the fourth grade.  I use to ride by her house waiting for her to be up, … Continue reading

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